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《Feel Good 》Founding of Good Life Quality

Girls have been using sanitary napkins for the past 40 years, yet not noticing the impact of sanitary napkins on their health. With this in mind, we insist in providing sanitary napkins that contains natural herbal essence extracted with new technologies.

"Natural Path Sanitary Napkins" uses harmless ingredients that are safe for long term usage, enhancing body equivalence, giving you a fresh feeling.

More amazing products will be released in the near future, please await for the good news!



《Feel Good 》  Our Mission

We are being surrounded by chemical additives in our every day life, and have forgotten the tenderness feelings natural products can give us.

To ensure the best of quality, we do not use fancy words to package our products, instead, devote into improving and assuring the ingredients just to provide safe and trustworthy products.

Be embraced and enjoy a better life style with 《Feel Good 》 .


Product Availability
"Natural Path Sanitary Napkins" were deigned and manufactured by an ISO 9001 certified factory. With patented techniques and domestic natural herbal ingredients from Taiwan, this product line took 5 years of testing and experimentations to finally achieve what we see today.

"Natural Path Sanitary Napkins" has passed SGS anti-bacterial growth and various organic product testing, and is the only sanitary napkins that can be availably purchased in organic certified shops.
Studies have shown that 93.7% of female customers have menstrual disturbances, as we have also promoted this product worldwide, "Natural Path Sanitary Napkins" created a 99% repurchasing rate in Europe, Australia and South-East Asian countries, showing high customer loyalty.